The term “refining” means to remove certain coarseness or impurities by a purification process. Refined sugars are sugars that undergo a process known as sugar refining. During this process, the raw sugars are refined, or enhanced. The sucrose is extracted while other unwanted materials are discarded to make refined sugar. Refined Sugars may differ in color, flavor, sweetness and crystal size. Each of these characteristics allows refined sugar to perform a variety of functions in food products, in addition to providing a sweet taste. Refined sugar syrup is used as syrup topping in various recipes. Refined sugar is used in baking industries and confectionery industries to sprinkle on top of baked goods.

Although many believe that refined sugar’s basic use is for coffee or tea, but there may be many different reasons for its use also. Granulated sugar is the most commonly used type of refined sugar which is mostly used in daily basis. Ideal for use around the home, this type of white refined sugar dissolves quickly in hot beverages, making ideal for use in hot coffee and tea. Sanding sugar is another example of refined sugar designed for specific applications. With a coarse grain than granulated sugar, sanding sugar is often ideal for use in decorating cookies with frosting that will dry to a solid texture and thus remain in place on the cookie without running or smudging. This type of refined sugar also works well with cold desserts as it helps to sweeten the properties of the dessert while retaining an additional texture to the presentation.

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