Red Chillies

Red Chillies

Dry Red Chilly
The red chilly is special condiment that adds pungency and color to the food. With having certain medicinal properties, it also possess some vitamins like A,C,E and P. The chillies also have some homeopathic properties. The chillies are carefully chosen to enhance the delicacy of the dishes and can retain aroma for longer period of time.

Available Varieties

S4- sannam red chilli
S17 -teja red chilli
273- semi wrinkled red chilli
Byadgi- fully wrinkled red chilli
Guntur -sannam red chilli
341- long red chilli

Available Varieties


1) Sannam Red Chilli

The sannam red chilly is the variety that extensively grows in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh Karantaka, Rajesthan, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. It is the largest growing variety of red chilly with an annual production of 2,80,000.00 metric tons. The sannam chilly variety is harvested in the season that started from December to May. The chilly is also known as Guntur Sannam or Capsicum Annuum var Longhum.

2) Teja Red Chilli

Demanded in national as well as international market, the teja red chilly is the chilly with sharp peppery flavor. It is considered as one of the hottest variety of chilly. The teja red chilly is also known from its botanical name Capsicum annum L. with family name Solanaceae.

3) Semi Wrinkled Red Chilli

Wrinkle Chilli.This Chilli is used in its whole form while frying foods or it is used in powder form for garnishing yummy food items and snacks. It is extensively used around the globe for various culinary purposes.

4) Byadgi- Fully Wrinkled Red Chilli

Byadgi chilli oil extracted from these chillies is used in the preparation of edible dyes (food colors). Byadgi chilli is famous for its unique high colour and low pungency and is used in many food preparations of South India. It is also recognized by the name kaddi (meaning stick-like) chillies.

5) Guntur -Sannam Red Chilli

The Guntur -Sannam Red Chilli is a thick skinned hot and red variety of chilly.

5) Ramnad mundu Chilli

The raw red chillies retain their taste as well as aroma till longer durations add spice to the delicacy and make it more tasty. The red chilly is uniform in shape and good in taste. Used as one of the important ingredient in host of dishes and delicacies, we offer red chilies, which are packed ensuring the aroma and taste.

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