Raw sugar exporters

Raw Sugar Exporters

Raw sugar is cane sugar which has been minimally processed. Raw sugar is the product of the first stage of cane sugar refining process. And thus raw sugar has distinctive characteristics. The crystals of raw sugar are somewhat brown in color. Raw sugar is the residue left after sugar cane has been processed to remove the molasses and to refine the sugar crystals. Raw sugar flavor is considered to be similar to brown sugar but it shouldn’t be confused with brown sugar.

Raw sugar is rich in its nutrient value. Raw sugar is well known for its unique taste and sweeteners and most importantly raw sugar is healthier than other sweeteners. Raw sugar is used in various dishes. Raw sugar contains eleven calories per teaspoon and has the same minerals and vitamin consistency which is found in the sugar cane juice. Raw sugar contains following minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Raw sugar is a much better alternative compared to any other artificial sweetening agent. Raw sugar is not only healthy, but it also cooks and bakes exactly like other white refined sugar thus giving it an advantage over all other products.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of brown raw sugar, raw sugar which are used as a sweetening agent in various sweets and confectioneries. We are listed at the apex in the list of the most reliable Natural Raw Sugar Exporters. The quality and efficacy of the Organic raw sugar in respective applications has attracted various national as well as international clients to place bulk orders. The procedures used in the manufacturing of the Raw Sugar assist in the production of quality products that meet the national as well as international market. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Raw Sugar in handy packages to meet the specific requisites. Our raw sugars are unadulterated, perfectly grounded and hygienically processed with an air tight packaging system. Our raw sugar is processed using premium quality sugarcane and advanced technology by our vendors. Our customers can avail raw sugar at fairly affordable price.

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