Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from flesh and the kernel of the fruit of the oil palms. Palm oil is naturally red in color. Palm oil is a very popular vegetable oil amongst many manufacturers. It is used in over 50% of products, including: baked goods, confectionery, cosmetics, body products and cleaning agents.

We need palm oil in today’s society. Palm oil is the key ingredient in various food and body products. Palm oil can be found in huge percentage in various supermarket products. Palm oil makes up 50% of the total world production. Palm oil is very much in use in the manufacturing of several cosmetic products. Palm oil is extensively used in soaps and detergents, food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Palm oil, along with coconut oil, is one of the few highly saturated vegetable fats. Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient. Also many processed food contains palm oil as an ingredient. Some of the common terms for palm oil are vegetable fat or vegetable oil.

We are the major importers and exporters of palm oil which are imported by trusted vendors all over the world. Our palm oils are rich in beta-carotene and high saturated fats. We offer all our clients a pure quality of palm oils. We have made a long term business relation with our vendors to provide best quality palm oil to our customers and thus ensure customer satisfaction. We employ proper packaging of different capacity of palm oils. Our palm oils are mainly used in several soap, personal care products, detergents, cosmetics, food and medicinal products. Our palm oil is highly appreciated for its high purity, taste and added medicinal value which adds to its advantage. Our palm oil has no side effects. We offer palm oil to all our customers at a very reasonable price and within the specified time period with no delays. Our palm oil is well known for its purity, excellent taste and thus also used as edible oil. And has no side effects. We are a leading exporter for palm oil and well known for the export of best quality palm oil among all our long lasting customers.

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