Onion Export

We are purely focused on onion exports without quantitative ceiling subject to its condition of quality and have a large customer/supplier networks all over the world and we also share market information about various market trends and surpluses and shortages. We ensure that quality of onion is maintained. We export red onions, white onions and yellow onions. We provide our customers with fresh and 100% natural onions.

Although there have been substantial rise in the onion export prices, but our range of onions can be availed at an affordable price. We export nearly million tones of onions every year and want to gain a more firm grip on international market with our active participation. The export market mix for onions changes from year to year. There is a need for good variety and quality onions export all over the world. But our onion export has greatly increased in the last few years due to its quality. We ensure careful selection of exporters in order to eliminate the trading in permits to onion export.

Our primary focus is on three factors in order to analyze the export price of onion: seasonal index of onion arrivals and prices in major markets, volatility of onion prices and retail prices of onion in major markets. An increase in price of onion affects the consumer by way of increase in food consumption budget, whereas a decrease in onion prices below the cost of cultivation affects the producer. Due to high export price of onions many countries lose their competitive edge in the international market. Also substantial rains and seasonal variations affect onion production which in turn increases the onion export prices. But we ensure that whatever be the condition it won’t affect our customers and work towards maintaining a strong customer base.

Export of onions is allowed without any Minimum Export Price (MEP). Over the years there has been a progressive increase in the exports of onion from India. Approximately 170 countries grow onions for their own domestic usage with the few involved for export of onion in international market also like we are. It is estimated that over 9.2 million acres of onions are harvested all over the world. Almost 8 percent of the onion production is exported internationally. Leading countries involved in onion export are China, India, United States, Pakistan, Turkey, respectively. Onions are very healthy especially red and white onions are becoming very popular.

India is a traditional exporter of onion. Over the years there has been a progressive increase in the onion export from India. Exports of onion have fetched for the country valuable foreign exchange and have earned for the producers a high price per ton. Major onion producing states in India are Maharastra, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujarat, AP,UP, Orissa & MP. Export of Onion from India cost around Rs 182752.21 crore per annum. India has a large onion area accounting for around 22.4% of the world onion area. India exports all 3 types of onions red, white and yellow onions.

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