We are specialized in the wholesale and distribution of fresh fruits all over the world. We take utmost care of perishable food stuffs ensuring that we employ the best transportation facility with on time delivery of fruits. We do local sourcing of seasonal fruits all over the globe ensuring 12-months supply of the produce. We provide the best quality fruits which are edible and sweet in the raw state, thus ensuring that we meet the needs of each of our customer.

We have been enjoying an impeccable track record and reputation within the domestic and international wholesale produce markets. Our priority is to deliver quality produce at a competitive price. We import fruits including fleshy fruits like apple, peach, watermelon, mango so on which are valued as human food and eaten as both fresh or jams and also used as preservatives. Fruits are also used to make beverages such as orange juice, grape juice or some alcoholic beverages like wine, grape wine, so on. Fruits are also low in calories which would help lower one’s calorie intake as part of a weight-loss diet.

The fruits we import are generally high in fiber water, vitamin C and sugar. This is beneficial for human body and its regular consumption reduces the chances to fall prey against any form of diseases or concurrent health problems which are prone to increase with aging.

We are Fresh Fruit Exporters. We make sure to test the quality of our products on various parameters to gauge their freshness and nutritive value. The fruits we export are known for their quality, freshness, and taste, nutritive value and health benefits. Each and every one of us love fruit in this world. Though there are few exceptions also but still majority of us love fruits. And so the fruit lover need not compromise upon the quality and flavor of fresh fruits we import them.

The frozen fruits are widely catered in the food market and widely exported in international market also. Fruit may be fresh, canned, frozen, dried and may be whole or cut-up. Fruit is something which has both taste and nutrients. Our emphasis is on the consistency and reliability of our service, to maintain the quality standard which all our customers requires and deserves. We have carved a niche for ourselves within the fruits market.

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