Egg Exporter


Eggs which are naturally packed with a number of nutrients, form an important product of our import and export in the national as well as international market. We are engaged in the supply of eggs and have a good reputation for supplying quality eggs. We are leading distributors of eggs. The eggs we supply are free from herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals as well it has 13 essential vitamins and minerals in varying amounts, high quality protein, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. Eggs nutrients can help us with weight management, gain muscle strength, eye health, brain function and other benefits.

Eggs are made available in safe and secure packaging system and they stay fresh for a longer time. Hence, these eggs are safe and healthy to consume.The eggs we supply are rich in quality, taste and nutritional value. Also these eggs being rich in protein content, egg yolks and whole eggs also provide significant amounts of protein and are widely used in cooking. These eggs we offer are with global standards and will be the best quality.

Our products are commercially utilized in food industry and act as a rich source of protein. The eggs we supply are certified fit for human consumption. Eggs are tested for bird flu and testing is carried out on them. Clients can avail quality and assured range of egg products from us. Our eggs are obtained from quality breed chickens, which have been bred in controlled and most hygienic environments and so our eggs are highly appreciated among all our customers for its quality, taste and longer shelf life.

The eggs we import are easily digestible, good for all age groups and very cheapest source of animal protein. Furthermore, our vastly distributed network is capable of supplying these products like eggs in far-flung areas, well before the stipulated time period. Client can also avail these products in customized packaging system and at nominal associated costs.
An egg is a perfect choice for breakfast. The protein in egg provides us steady and helps sustained energy that starts your day off right.

Mostly hen eggs are used in cooking. Eggs are a fantastically versatile ingredient and forms an important part of many cuisines. Eggs combine well with many ingredients and thus help us creating a huge variety of food like simple omelet, tarts, flans to lemon curd, delicious sauces and so on. There are endless great tasting recipes which can be made considering egg as the main ingredient, and so there are no way you can’t enjoy egg without breakfast. Egg is nature’s most perfect package of nutrients.

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