Known for its exquisite aroma, delicate texture and unique flavor, the basmati is revered by rice connoisseurs the world over as a symbol of good taste. Be it a family dinner, a special meal for a special occasion or may be an everyday rice dish, you can count on basmati rice to do justice to your cooking. The word basmati comes from the Hindi language which means “Queen of Fragrance”. Basmati rice is different from other rice due to its long lasting aroma and elongation of almost twice its length post cooking.
Basmati rice is an authentic Indian long grained white rice, which has unique nutty flavor. A wide variety of rice dishes are made with Basmati rice like plain steamed basmati rice, pulao, biryanis or just different types of fried rice – which include meat, vegetables, nuts, and even fruits sometimes. Special occasion rice dishes are mostly made with Basmati rice. Basmati rice is known for its excellent flavor, high nutritional value and fragrant flavor. Also many countries consider basmati rice as a good reserve food. The world’s most relished basmati rice is cultivated in the foothills of Himalayas. Specific climate and soil in the region thus adds to the unique aroma, taste and texture of basmati rice.
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